These are three accounts of the early days of Royal Marine aviation. The first is an in depth history written in 1979 by the late Alan Marsh and appears in his book 'Flying Marines'. The second, shorter history, was written by Lt (later Col) P.L Bancroft RM in 1973 and the third is a comprehensive book continuing from where Alan Marsh's record left off.
1. The early history of Royal Marine Aviation by Alan Marsh
2. Those magnificant men in their flying machines by Lt P. L. Bancroft RM
3. Flying Royal Marines by Colonel Michael Reece OBE, published by the Royal Marines Historical Society and available from the Royal Marines and Fleet Air Arm Museums

Flying Marines

Double DFC - 28th May 1982, by Lt Col Chris Nunn OBE RM.
A moving account of the action during the Falklands Conflict for which his brother Lt Richard Nunn RM was awarded a posthumous DFC and Capt Jeff Niblett RM the DFC.


This is a list of Royal Marines SNCOs who have qualified as pilot.
This is an extract from the Squadron Historical record from 1970.
Paper written in 1967 proposing the amalgamation of unit Air Troops into a Bde Air Squadron.
Article written by Simon Partridge, the son of Maj Dickie Partridge DSO RM, on the disastrous 1940 raid on the Scharnhorst at Trondheim. in which his father flew.
Multiple documents found on the Internet by Graham Wilson (ex-REME Technician) detailing Kangaw Flight's involvement in 'Bloody Sunday.' Although one of the documents is classified as 'Secret' it was part of the evidence for the 'Bloody Sunday' Inquiry and is, as such, in the public domain.