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'The Missing Booze'
By Will Scott

My most 'dodgy 'mission was being approached in Teal Inlet, the day after the cessation of hostilities in the Falkland Campaign, by 2 very surreptitious members of what was NP8901 (circa 1982). They explained that they knew where the year's supply of NAAFI booze was for the incoming NP8901. They had a map of Moody Brook and were confident that they could find the pit that the stock had been buried in by the QM of NP8901 just prior to the Argentine invasion. That evening Sgt Ken Priest and I set off in CZ, with the two burly unidentified NCOs in the back, carrying the map, a torch, two shovels and a flashlight plus a cargo net to bring back the party haul of a lifetime to Teal Inlet.

On arrival just near the now destroyed Moody Brook Barracks we shut down to ground idle while our two desperadoes sety off with the map and flashlight. 20 minutes later they gloomily returned empty handed and despondent. The pit was empty.

Some months later I was dinning with Capt Ian Gardner RM who had been OC X Coy 45 Cdo during the campaign and he was telling me that on the night of the surrender, his company occupied houses at the west end of Stanley. When there, he and his men got well plastered on a seemingly endless supply of free booze the origins of remained a mystery to him and he didn't ask! I immediately asked him 'had anyone in X Coy had been with NP8901?'. 'Yes', he replied 'the NP8901 QM's clerk!'

Mystery solved, fair play X Coy.... you won.