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1. Name Charlie Daniel
2. Date Commissioned September 1968
3. Date Retired September 1980
4. Rank Captain
5. Awarded Wings 1976
6. Flying Schools Middle Wallop
RNAS Culdrose
7. Types Flown Sioux AH1
Scout AH1
Gazelle AH1
8. Squadrons

3 Cdo Bde Air Sqn
16 Para Bde

9. Decorations And Medals DSM(G) Oman1974
10. General

Spent seven of my twelve years in the Corps away (if you count flying), so that tells you something!

45Cdo/Hq Cdo forces '70-'71
CTCRM (Cdo School)'71-'73
Northern Frontier Regt (Oman)'73-'75
Wallop '75-'76
16 Para Bde '76
3 Cdo Bde Air Sqn '76-'80
OC M Flt '77-'80

Back to Oman on contract '82-'84 (2ic Desert Regt and 2ic Frontier Force)

Field Exec Director "Operation Raleigh" 1984-1988....occasionally flying Pumas and even an MI8 in Chile and Guyana....I will deny it in any court! Settled in Grenada '88-2000 ("Sharky" Ward was a neighbour.....wasn't anyone else in the Falklands?!)
Back in UK 2000-now!
Settled in sunny Worthing and sail my boat from Littlehampton. Always looking for interesting, and reasonably legal, employment, and delighted to meet any old "hands".