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1. Name Mark BRICKELL
2. Date Enlisted 01 February 1977
3. Date Retired 07 September 1989
4. Rank Corporal RM
5. Awarded Wings 09 May 1980
6. Flying Schools RNAS Culdrose, 103 B.F.T.
7. Types Flown Wessex Mk 5
Seaking Mk 4
8. Squadrons

845 Sqn RN
847 Sqn RN

9. Decorations And Medals GSM
UN x2
Falklands + Rosette
Queens Jubilee
10. General

Mark joined the Corps in 1977 and after completion of Commando training was sent to 41 Commando, unfortunately arriving in time to reform the Unit at Deal as opposed to being sent to Malta! 41 Cdo the had a tour in Northern Ireland (Lower falls area), followed by a trip to Cyprus with the U.N.

On completion of the U.N. tour he was sent to RNAS Culdrose for basic flying training with the RN who wanted to have some Royal Marines integrated into the two Commando Sqns (845 and 846). Four Royal Marines were selected: L/Cpl Mark Brickell, Mne's Gus Tyrell, Lil Lelitka and Doc Love. They were the first ever Royal Marines to do the Naval Aircrewman's Course.

Mark was then sent to RNAS Yeovilton where upon joining 707 Sqn for the Commando flying course he was joined by 3 RM Aircrewmen from 3 Bde Air Sqn: Sgt Dave Greet, Cpls Sturgess and Gleeson.

After some time on 845 Sqn the Falklands conflict loomed and 847 Sqn was formed and staffed by members of 845 Sqn for the conflict.

Mark then had a mixture of flying and ground tours. A spell at 40 Cdo saw him get another trip to Cyprus with the U.N and also six months in the Embassy in Oslo too!!

Prior to leaving the Corps in 1989, he was at CTCRM Lympstone on the Potential Recruits Course Team.

After leaving Mark joined Cambs Police and had 6.5 years on the Air Support Unit.

He is currently in the Met Police, Diplomatic Protection Unit. ........... Retirement looms !