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1. Name
2. Date Commissioned
March 1956 (National Service)
3. Date retired
September 1987
4. Rank
5. Awarded wings
21 July 1961
6. Flying schools
RAF Linton-on-Ouse
RNAS Culdrose
AACC Middle Wallop
7. Aircraft types flown
Provost T1
Hiller HT1
Whirlwind Mk3
Dragonfly Mk5
Whirlwind Mk7
Bell47G3B1 (Sioux)
Scout AH1
8. Squadrons

848 NAS
40Cdo RM Air Troop

9. Aircraft Carriers

HMS Bulwark
HMS Albion

NGS Suez
GSM Borneo (MiD)
11. General

Roger joined as National Service recruit Aug 1955. He then gained a NS Commission in March 1956 before being awarded a Regular Commission in March 1957.

He completed flying training between July 1960-July 1961 and joined 848 NAS in Singapore in August 1961 (first RM pilot to join although Lts Murphy and Nick Wise qualified before him). From August 1961-November 1962 he completed a Far East tour with 848 Sqn in HMS Bulwark.

From September - December 1964 he attended a conversion course at AACC Middle Wallop and in March 1965 Roger formed the first RM Air Troop with Lt Wise (OC) and embarked in HMS Albion for transit to the Far East.

On 28 April 1965 they arrived at 40 Cdo RM, Burma Camp, Malaya, and between July-Nov 1965 were involved in an Operational Tour in Borneo.

After various exercise between December 1965-Apr 1966 he completed another Operational Tour in Borneo between April-September 1966 as OC Air Troop where he was Mentioned in Despatches.

Between October 1966 and August 1967 there were various exercises, etc, around the Far East before returning to UK and General Duties. In May 1971 Roger completed a brief conversion onto Scout AH1 as the RM aviation rep in DCGRM.

Between 1967-1987 Roger completed various appointments including Flag Lieutenant to CinC Western Fleet, RN Staff College, HQ 3 Cdo Bde, MOD, CO 45 Cdo Gp '78-'81, NATO HQ and COS HQTRSFRM

He retired to Edzell, Scotland, in September 1987.