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Rodney Helme
1. Name Rodney HELME
2. Date Commissioned 1 November 1959
3. Date Retired 1 May 1995
4. Rank Major RM
5. Awarded Wings 2 May 1969
6. Flying Schools

School of Army Aviation, Middle Wallop
Central Flying School(Helicopters) RAF Shawbury

7. Types Flown

Hiller, Sioux
Scheizer 300

8. Squadrons

3 Cdo Bde Air Sqn
2/2 Gurkha Rifles Air Platoon

9. Carriers


Other Flight Decks -Fearless, Intrepid, Antelope, Falmouth, Kent,Bedevere,Lancelot,Percival, Stromness, Tarbetness, USS Nashville

10. Decorations

GSM South Arabia and Northern Ireland
South Atlantic Medal with Rosette

11. General

Army Pilots Course No 205  Middle Wallop  1968 - 69.  (Chipmunk, Hiller, Sioux).   

1969 - 71.  3 Cdo Bde Air Sqn  - Pilot and Flight Commander (Sioux). Singapore, Malaya, Hong Kong, Cyclone Disaster Relief, East Pakistan (Bangla Desh), N. Ireland.

1970. Detached Flight Commander 2/2 Gurkha Rifles. Brunei, Sarawak.

1971-72 Detached Flight Commander 8 Inf Bde, Ballykelly, N Ireland. (Including obs/recce sortie Bloody Sunday, Londonderry)

1973.  SO3 /G3 Air HQ Cdo Forces RM, Mount Wise, Plymouth.

1974. Sioux Refresher Course Netheravon.  

1975. Gazelle Conversion, Middle Wallop.

1975 -77. Flight Commander Salerno (Independent) Flight, 41 Cdo Gp Malta. Sicily, Italy, France (Pyrenees), Corsica, Cyprus, Sardinia, Turkey.

1980. Gazelle Refresher Course RNAS Culdrose. QHI Course (Gazelle) CHF (H), RAF Shawbury.

1980-81 Instructional Tour AACC Middle Wallop (Gazelle) and Scout Conversion Course.

1981 - 83  QHI/IRI, 3 Cdo Bde Air Sqn (Scout and Gazelle). Coypool, Ascension Island, Falklands, Norway, France (Pyrenees), RNAS Yeovilton.

1991  Civilian conversion to Schweizer 300 (Exeter).

1991-93  Part time charter/commercial flying (Schweizer 300).

2007 – 2009 Devon Strut. P2 - Piper Cub and Chipmunk, Eggesford. P2-Rans S6 Coyote, Dunkerswell.

Private Pilot’s Licence (Fixed Wing), Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (Helicopters) with Instructor Endorsement, Master Green Instrument Rating, Instrument Rating Examiner.


Rodney Helme Gliding

1966 Aden Services Gliding Club. A, B, C, Bronze C Certificates.
Silver C Height Gain (12,500 ft during exped to Nakuru, Kenya).

1967  Exped to RAF Laarbruch Germany, Soaring Course RAF Bicester, general flying HMS Daedalus, Lee on Solent.

1968 Silver C Duration (5hrs 40 min), RAF Bicester. Silver C Distance (54 km), Task Week RNAS Yeovilton,  Crew member, Inter-Services (Bicester) and National Championships (Dunstable).

1978-79  Joint Services Adventure Training Courses, RAF Bicester. Continuation flying RNAS Yeovilton.

1979. Instructors Course, RAF Bicester.

1979-80.  Instructional duties, RNAS Yeovilton.

1994 Refresher flying, Yeovilton, North Hill (Dunkeswell) and RAF Bicester. Wave Flying Exped to Aboyne, Scotland.

1995. Instructors Refresher Course, RAF Bicester.

1995-2005. Instructional Duties, RNAS Yeovilton.

Qualified P1 on 26 types - single/2 seaters;

T21, T31, Swallow, Olympia 401, Olympia 2B, B’Spatz, Bocian, Blanik, SF26, Skylark 2, B Spatz, K8, K6CR, K6E, Twin Astir, K18, Pirat, Capstan, K13, Pilatus B4, Astir, AS21, Puchacz, Discus, Mistral, Kestrel.

Flown P2: K2, Motor Falk, Janus C, Grob 109, Super Dimona, Mini Nimbus, DG 505.

Sites flown: Military: Sheik Othman (Aden), RAF Bicester (Oxon), Lee on Solent (Hants), RAF Laarbruch (Germany), RNAS Yeovilton, Merryfield (Somerset).

Civilian: Nakuru (Kenya), Asperden (Germany), Challock (Kent), Hinton in the Hedges (Oxon), Brent Tor (Dartmoor), North Hill (Devon), Aboyne (Angus).