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Roger Blundell
1. Name Roger BLUNDELL
2. Date Commissioned 3 May 1960
3. Date Retired

19 September 1986

4. Rank

Lieutentant Colonel RM

5. Awarded Wings 15 December 1966
6. Flying Schools

Naval Flight, Plymouth Airport
RAF Linton-on-Ouse
RNAS Culdrose
Central Flying School, RAF Tern Hill

7. Types Flown

Tiger Moth
Hiller 12E
Whirlwind Mk7
Wessex 5
Whirlwind Mk10

8. Squadrons

705 NAS/707 NAS - under training
848 NAS - Flight Commander
707 NAS - Operational Flying Officer

9. Aircraft Carriers

HMS Albion
LPDs HMS Fearless and HMS Intrepid

10. Decorations And Medals

General Service Medal (Borneo/Northern   Ireland)
Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal

11. General

Roger Blundell was born and educated in Kenya and awarded a Commonwealth Entry into the Royal Marines.  Having transited from Mombasa in the aircraft carrier HMS CENTAUR, and flying for the first time in his life in a Gannet ASW aircraft launched from the carrier, he joined CTCRM Lympstone on 3 May 1960.

May 1960 – June 1963.  Young Officer training and the Regimental Intelligence Officers’ Course.

June 1963 – September 1965.  40 Commando RM as Intelligence Officer and Troop Commander seeing service in Malaya, Sarawak and Borneo during the period of Indonesian confrontation.

November 1965 - October 1971.  On completion of flying training, joined 848 NAS embarked in HMS ALBION for an emergency deployment to evacuate British subjects from Biafra during the period of uprising.  Then sailed in HMS ALBION for deployment to the Far East, transiting via South Africa and participating in the operation covering the withdrawal of the British forces from Aden in 1967.  HMS ALBION, with 42 Commando RM re-embarked, were the last British forces to leave the area. Thereafter, whilst essentially based in Singapore deployed for many visits to and exercises in Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia, Japan, Korea and Cambodia.  At the end of the commission, returned to the UK for the QHI Course at RAF Tern Hill and appointment to 707 NAS as Operational Flying Training Officer with responsibilities for all field and mountain training detachments.

December 1971 – January 1974.  Company Commander in 45 Commando, based in Scotland but enjoying the challenges of service in Northern Ireland and the arctic, and the pleasures of the Scottish highlands including fishing, shooting and stalking.

January 1974 - December 1979.  After completion of the Naval Staff Course and held appointments as Staff Officer to the Commandant at CTCRM and instructional duties at the Joint Warfare School, Old Sarum.  On promotion to Major in 1977, was appointed as Second-in-Command of the Commando Logistic Regiment Royal Marines.

January 1980 – September 1983.  Fleet Royal Marines Officer on the Ops/Plans Staff of CINCFLEET/CINCEASTLANT at Northwood - with responsibilities for NATO amphibious plans and exercises and Royal Marines matters and detachments, including those serving in the Falkland Islands and Diego Garcia.  Visited the Falkland Islands in December 1981 and was thereafter heavily involved in the planning and mounting of the operations for the repossession of the islands in 1982.  This involved briefing senior operational commanders, CDS and the service commanders, and Government Ministers including the Prime Minister.

October 1983 – September 1986.  Project Officer for the Royal Marines Mass Bands events at the Royal Albert Hall and Beat Retreat on Horseguards Parade. On promotion to Lieutenant Colonel in 1984 was appointed to the Defence Intelligence Staff as Head of DI19.  Also enjoyed a three month attachment to the Cabinet Office before retiring at ‘own request’ in September 1986.

After enjoying a ‘gap-year’ at the age of 45, was Partnership Secretary/Head of Administration of a London law firm for four years followed by thirteen years as Clerk/Chief Executive of a London Livery Company – the Cordwainers’ Company – retiring again in 2006.

Now devoting time to travel, tennis, photography and woodturning.