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Philip Ravenshaw
1. Name
2. Date Commissioned
1 September 1943
3. Date retired
Killed in a car accident 3 June 1955
4. Rank
Captain RM
5. Awarded wings
December 1948
6. Flying schools
RNAS Donibristle 7 January 1948
RAF Syerston 7 April 1948
OFS Lossiemouth 6 July 1949
7. Aircraft types flown
Fighters: Firefly etc
8. Squadrons
9. Aircraft Carriers
10. Senior Appointments
1939-45 War Medal
NGS Medal (Malaya)
12. General
Although Philip Ravenshaw qualified as a pilot it is understood that he was injured in an aircraft mishap and did not complete his deck landings. He returned to Corps Duty on 12 October 1949 and after a tour in 3 Commando Brigade as an MTO he spent the rest of his service in Transport, mainly at TTC.

He was an enthusiastic sports car driver and took part in several races under the BARC. He was killed at Greatham on 3 June 1955 when his car went out of control at high speed and collided with an oncoming lorry.