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1. Name
Painton Sidney COWEN
2. Date Commissioned

7 December 1939

3. Date retired
Killed 21 December 1942 (aircraft accident)
4. Rank
Temporary Lieutenant RM
5. Awarded wings
30 November 1941
6. Flying schools

Dartmouth, Canada
RNAS Yeovilton - Fighter Course

7. Aircraft types flown
Fighter - Wildcat
8. Squadrons
781 Sqn. Lee-on-Solent 10 March 1942 - 14 April 1942
775 Sqn. Dekhelia 18 April 1942 - 23 June 1942
888 Sqn. Formidable 12 August 1942 - 21 December 1942

9. Aircraft Carriers
HMS Formidable 12 August 1942 - 21 December 1942
10. Senior Appointments
12. General
Painton Cowen was one of a number of the Artists Rifles who were commissioned into the Corps early in World War II.

After 12 months in the RM Brigade he transferred to the F.A.A and learned to fly in Canada. On completion of training as a fighter pilot he served for a short while in Egypt at Dekheila before joining the pool of pilots at Wingfield in South Africa. From there he joined 888 Squadron in Formidable under the command Major F.D.G. Bird. He was a capable and popular officer but on 21 December he was unfortunately killed in a flying accident at Mers-el-Kebir after he had been flying as a target for a Fleet Gunnery training exercise. This was the result carrying out a slow roll alongside his ship when for some reason he crashed into the sea. He was buried at sea from the destroyer Laforey.