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1. Name
John Richard OWENS
2. Date Commissioned
1 September 1934
3. Date retired
Lost in HMS Glorious 8 June 1940
4. Rank
Captain RM
5. Awarded wings
1 August 1938
6. Flying schools
RAF Leuchars
7. Aircraft types flown
Fighters: Hart Variants, Gladiator, Skua
8. Squadrons
801 Sqdn. Furious 17 October 1938
802 Sqdn. Glorious 24 May 1939
9. Aircraft Carriers
Furious 17 October 1938
Glorious 24 May 1939
10. Senior Appointments
None - Killed 8 June 1940
12. General
On completion of the minimum at sea, Dickie Owens volunteered for the FAA in 1938. He had completed his training as a Fighter Pilot and had about twelve months Squadron experience by the time WWll broke out.

Glorious was at first used in the Indian Ocean covering the approaches to the Red Sea until mid-January 1940 when she moved back into the Mediterranean. In April 1940 the Glorious was rushed from the Mediterranean and from 23 April 1940 was operating off Namsos covering the Army in Norway. On 23 April 18 Gladiators of 263 Squadron RAF were flown ashore, and again on 21 Maya further 16 Hurricanes were flown into Bardufoss. During the retreat from Norway, Glorious had recovered 10 Gladiators and 7 Hurricanes when she was intercepted and sunk by the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Of a total of 1474 RN and 41 RAF only 43 survivors were picked up two days later.

Both Captain Owens and Captain Nott were lost when Glorious was sunk on 8 June 1940.

13. RAF Rank
F]ying Officer 2 January 1938