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James Moulton
1. Name
James Louis MOULTON
2. Date Commissioned
1 September 1924
3. Date retired
4. Rank
Major General
5. Awarded wings
May 1931
6. Flying schools
R.A.F Leuchars 7 September 1930
R.A.F Gosport 4 May 1931
7. Aircraft types flown
Torpedo Reece. Fairey IIIF. Ripon
8. Squadrons
460 Flight 10 October 1931
462 Flight 1 December 1931
824 Sqdn 20 April 1933
825 Sqdn 29 March 1935
9. Aircraft Carriers
Glorious. 10 October 1931 to 25 April 1933
Eagle 26 April 1933 to 29 March 1935
10. Senior Appointments
None in F.A.A
All for R.M. Service:
C.B., D.S.O., O.B.E.
1939/45 War medals
France & Germany
Defence Medal
Mention in Despatches
12. General
After early service as a subaltern in Rodney and Revenge, James Moulton volunteered for the F.A.A and qualified as a Torpedo pilot in 1931 after which he served in squadrons in Glorious and Eagle. At one time two other RM pilots were with him in Glorious, N.R.M. Skene and W.S. North and there is a photograph showing all three in formation over the Grand Harbour, Malta.

On return to Corps Duty he qualified at Staff College and his subsequent career on the staff and in 48 Cdo. Normandy and Holland, 4 Cdo Bde., 3 Cdo Bde., as MGRM Portsmouth and finally as Chief of A.W. is well known.

He wrote several books on military subjects and is an acknowledged authority on defence matters.

Whilst MGRM Portsmouth, assisted by two of his Staff Officers, Colonel F.D.G. Bird and Major "Skeets" Harris, both of them pilots, he launched the idea of the Commando Carrier and the subsequent evolution of the Brigade Air Squadron
13. R.A.F Rank
Flying Officer 7 September 1930 to 15 July35