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1. Name
John Hamilton McCAHON
2. Date Commissioned
1 September 1927
3. Date retired
4 April 1953
4. Rank
Captain RM
5. Awarded wings
August 1934
6. Flying schools
R.A.F Leuchars
7. Aircraft types flown
No record. Probably T.S.R. i.e. Fairey IIIF Baffin etc
8. Squadrons
No record
9. Aircraft Carriers

Eagle 1 February 1935 to 21 February 1935
Glorious 1 September 1935 to 7 October 1937

10. Senior Appointments
None in F.A.A

1939/45 War medals
Mention in despatches
Pacific with clasp

12. General

His Record of Service gives no information as to squadrons etc. His tour must have been satisfactory since he was promoted to Flight Lieut. on 1 January 1937.

After return to Corps Duty he would have been just about due for a second tour when war was declared. He was in fact in H.M.S. Exeter when she was sunk in the Battle of the Java Sea and was taken prisoner by the Japanese on 1 March 1942.

After the War he went into transport and served as Transport Officer at I.T.C.R.M. until he retired on 4 April 1953.

13. R.A.F Rank

Rank Flving Officer 14 January 1934
Flight Lieut. 1 January 1937 to 21 December 1937