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Frank Weyer
1. Name
Frank Weyer BROWN (Changed to Weyer-Brown)
2. Date Commissioned
1 September 1929
3. Date retired
18 April 1946
4. Rank
Major RM
5. Awarded wings
May 1935
6. Flying schools
RAF Leuchars
7. Aircraft types flown
T.S.R. Types e.g. Fairey IIIF, Shark, Swordfish
8. Squadrons
823 Sqdn. - Glorious 1933
812 Sqdn. - Courageous 1938
Ark Royal 1938-40
786 Sqdn. - Crail 1940-41
824 Sqdn. - Eagle 1941-42
9. Aircraft Carriers
HMS Glorious 1935-37
Courageous 1938
Ark Royal 1938-40
Eagle 1941-42
Activity 1942-43 as Lt Cdr (Flying)
10. Senior Appointments
HMS Activity as Lt Cdr (F) 1942-43
RNAS Machrihanish as Cdr (Flying) 1943-44
War medals incl. Atlantic, Africa and Defence
12. General
Frank Brown volunteered for the FAA in 1934 and did the usual courses at RAF Leuchars. He then served in front line TSR Squadrons in Glorious and Courageos before transferring with 812 Squadron to HMS Ark Royal on 21 November 1938. Unfortunately, whilst returning from the Spring Cruise in 1939 off Portugal, the entire squadron's aircraft were destroyed in a fire in the hangar. For this, like others, he incurred their Lordships severe displeasure.

After a shore spell from February 1940 to August 1941 he went to 824 Squadron in Eagle Until she was sunk in August 1942. He then served as Lt Cdr (Flying) in Activity until May 1943 training pilots in deck landing. He then served at RNAS Machrihanish as Commander (Flying) from June 1943 to April 1944 when he was appointed to the Accident Section under 5th Sea Lord in The Admiralty.

He retired at his own request on 18 April 1946.

13. R.A.F Rank
Flying Officer 16 September 1934

Flight Lieutenant 1 July 1938 - 26 June 1939