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1. Name
Bernard William de COURCY - IRELAND
2. Date Commissioned
1 September 1928
3. Date retired
2 January 1969
4. Rank
5. Awarded wings
16 December 1933
6. Flying schools
R.A.F. Leuchars. May to Dec 1933
R.A.F. Calshot 1934
7. Aircraft types flown
T.S.R. Types eg. Fairey IIIF, Seal, Gordon, Swordfish, Blackburn Dart, Ripon, Baffin, Shark
8. Squadrons
810 Sqdn Courageous 1934-35
820 Sqdn. Courageous, Adjutant and Section Leader 1936-37
9. Aircraft Carriers
Courageous. Glorious (for D.L.T.)
10. Senior Appointments
F.A.A. None
CO 30 Assault Unit 1945
CO 42 Cdo. R.M. 1951-53
D.S.C. 11 December 1945 "For distinguished service during the war in Europe."
1939-45 War Medals including Africa, Italy, France & Germany, Defence.
Naval G.S. with Malaya Bar.
1953 Coronation Medal.
12. General
C-I as he was known to his friends, took up flying in 1933 and qualified in Torpedo/Spotter/Recce. types. He served in 810 Squadron in 1934-35 when they were equipped with Darts and Ripons without arrester gear. The squadron re­equipped with Baffins in July 1934 and there are photographs in the Archives library of the squadron at North Coates Fitties in July 1935. The squadron took part in the Jubilee Naval Review at Spithead on 16 July 1935. During the fly-past de C.I. carried Major AN. Williams R.M., Brigade Major, Eastney as passenger. In Aug 1935 he transferred to 820 Squadron which re-equipped with Sharks and assembled at Aboukir in Egypt. The personnel, with the aircraft in crates, were sent out by sea in February 1936. They returned the same way in July.

On 20 May 1937 de Courcy-Ireland (now Captain RM.) was selected as the pilot of the Flag Aircraft for Vice Admiral Lawrence and had the distinction of leading the Fleet Air Arm Fly-past in the Coronation Review for King George VI.

He returned to Corps Duty at the end of 1937 and thereafter served in RM appointments, retiring with the substantive rank of Colonel on 16 December 1969.

13. R.A.F Rank
Rank Flying Officer, May 1933
Flight Lieutenant, June 1937.