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1. Name
Walter Sowden NORTH
2. Date Commissioned
1 September 1921
3. Date retired
2 December 1954
4. Rank
5. Awarded wings
July 1930
6. Flying schools
R.A.F Leuchars 12 January 1930
R.A.F Calshot
7. Aircraft types flown
F.S.R. Avro 504N, Fairey IIIF, Fairey IIID (Floatplane)
8. Squadrons
441 FSR Flight. 7 February 1931 to 2 June 1932
449 FSR Flight. 18 July 1932 to 24 October 1933
9. Aircraft Carriers
Courageous 1931 for DLT
Glorious 7 February 1931
Furious 18 July 1932
10. Senior Appointments
None in F.A.A
All for R.M. Service:
1939/45 War medals
Atlantic Star and clasp
E.R II Coronation.
12. General
Lieut. North already had over eight years service and two ships behind him before he took up aviation. He served in two first line Flights in Glorious and Furious. He was in Glorious when, on 1 st April 1931 she rammed S.S. Florida at fairly high speed when trying to steam out of a fog bank to land on her aircraft which either landed at Malaga or came down in the sea. A photograph of the damage is in the Archives. There is also a photograph of an "RM. Formation" over Malta - a IIIF flown by North and two Ripons flown by J.L. Moulton and N.R.M. Skene.Colonel North subsequently held several senior appointments and was DOPAR and also ADC to H.M. The Queen when he retired on 2 December 1954.
13. R.A.F Rank
Flying Officer 12 January 1930