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1. Name Neville Byron WARD
2. Date Commissioned 22 August 1914
3. Date retired Transferred to R.A.F. 17 June 1919
Killed in 216 Squadron 18 June 1923
4. Rank Captain RM 17 June 1918
Flight Lieutenant R.A.F. 1 January 1922
5. Awarded wings 1917
6. Flying schools R.A.F. Cranwell
7. Aircraft types flown Not traced but his postings suggest that he was mostly in seaplanes
8. Decorations 1914 War Medal
British War Medal
Victory Medal
9. General After a period of R.M. service he was seconded to the R.N.A.S on 20 January 17 as a Probationary Flight Officer and in June 1917 he was posted to R.A.F. Cranwell for training. In November 1917 he was based at R.A.F. Calshot for the Portland Patrols, and in June 1919 he was at Portland R.A.F. Station serving in the rank of Captain RA.F.

He transferred to the R.A.F. on 1 August 1919 and according to the earliest available Air Force List (January 1923) he served at the Aircraft Depot. Egypt as a Flight Lieut until May 1923 when he was posted to 216 Squadron.

He was killed on 18 June 1923 whilst serving in 216 Squadron.