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Charles Robinson
1. Name Charles Edward ROBINSON
2. Date Commissioned 1 September 1904
3. Date retired Killed in action at Dardanelles 8th December 1915
4. Rank Captain RM
5. Awarded wings 28 April 1914
6. Flying schools Central Flying School , Upavon 22 January 1914
7. Aircraft types flown Short Biplane and Seaplane, Henri Farman etc
8. Decorations None. (Killed)
9. General Isle of Grain Naval Air Station 29 april 1914.
Whitley Bay Naval Air Station 3 March 15 (Flight Cdr.)
Dardanelles 31 August 1915.

Robinson, like most other pilots at the outbreak of War was employed on patrol in the North Sea until being appointed to the Dardanelles in 1915.

He was shot down and seriously wounded in November 1915 in the Dardanelles operations. He was taken prisoner and died in Turkish captivity on 8 December 1915.