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Ivon Courtney
1. Name Ivon Terrance COURTNEY
2. Date Commissioned 1 September 1904
3. Date retired Transferred to R.A.F. 1 August 1919
Retired from R.A.F. in 1932
Died in October 1978 aged 93 years
4. Rank Temp Lt. Colonel R.M.L.I C.B.E.
Group Captain R.A.F. C.B.E.
5. Awarded wings 1 October 1912
6. Flying schools Central Flying School, Upavon. 17-8-1912
7. Aircraft types flown Short Tractor 413, Henri Farman, Voisin etc
8. Decorations Order of St. Anne 3rd Class ( Russia) 6-July 1917
Officer - Order of the Crown (Italy) 20 July 1917
Officer - Legion of Honour (France) 11 August 1917
C.B.E. 3 June 1919
1914 - 18 War Medals
9. General On completion of his flying training Courtney was appointed to the Naval Wing of the R.F.C and continued into the R.N.A.S.when this was formed on 1 July 1914. On 28 August 1914 he was posted to Dunkirk and flew with the Dunkirk Wing. He commanded a squadron in the combined landplane and seaplane operations in the Bruges - Ostend - Zeebrugge district between 11th and 16th February 1915 against enemy submarine bases. He also took part in the raid on the German submarines under construction at Hoboken near Antwerp on 24 March 1915, dropping four bombs from 1,000 feet on the boats and works.

On 29 August 1915 he was posted to the Paris Air Station in Command as a Wing Commander.

On formation of the Royal Air Force he was one of ten R.M. Officers who transferred to the R.AF. doing so on 1 August 1919.

He is believed to have commanded the R.A.F. Station at Basra in 1924 and he retired as a Group Captain in 1932. He died in October 1978 at the age of 93 years.

10. R.AF. Ranks Flying Officer 5 December 1912
Flight Commander 15 April 1913 (Temp Capt.)
Squadron Commander 1 July 1914 (Temp Major 1 September 1915)
Wing Commander (Temp Lt. Col 1 October 1916)
Major - General Sir Robert Neville describes him as "a very good looking blond Captain of Marines" and says that he wore an unofficial blue uniform which they all copied and this eventually became the 'B' serge which is worn today.
Courtney Certificate