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Alan Bishop
1. Name
Alan George Bishop
2. Date Commissioned 22 August 1914
3. Date retired
Transferred to R.A.F. 1 August 1919
Retired from R.A.F. 22 December 1949
4. Rank
Captain RM on transfer.
Air Commodore R.AF. (1 July 1947) C.B.E. A.F.C.
5. Awarded wings
Not recorded. Originally an Observer 15 July 1915
6. Flying schools
Not recorded.
7. Aircraft types flown
Not traced
8. Decorations
Air Force Cross 2 November 1918. "In recognition of valuable
flying services."
Mention in Despatches. 8 December 1915
1914/15 Star
War Medal
Victory Medal
C.B.E. Awarded whilst in the R.AF.
Only three Air Force Crosses have been awarded to the Corps - the other two being to T. Orde - Lees in 1919 for development of the parachute and to Lt J .B. Frost for helicopter rescue in deep jungle in Malaysia on 5-6-70
9. General
He was lent to the R.N.A.S. as Observer from 15 July 1915 to 31 July 1919. According to records he was embarked in H.M. Ships Hyacinth, Laconia, Elephanta, Clio, Alert, Espiegle and Dalhousie on the East African Station during the period 26 April 1915 to 4 July 1916. It was at this period that he was Mentioned in Despatches by C in C Cape of Good Hope. Otherwise nothing has been traced.

On 1 August 1919 he transferred to the R.AF. whilst a Captain with seniority or 7 May 1918. His R.A.F. rank on appointment was Flight Lieut. dated 1 April 1918. His R.A.F. appointments included the following :­

Air Staff Duties, H.Q. Coastal Command 18 August 1920
R.A.F. Staff College (p.s.a.) 1 May 1923
R.A.F. Far East for Liaison Duties with G.O.c.
British Troops, China 15 June 1935
Air Attache Bangkok 30 August 1938
Air Officer Commanding, Air H.Q. East Africa (16 November 1947)
He served throughout both World Wars and in the 1945 Air Force List is shown as a Group Captain on the General Duties List.

10. R.AF. Ranks
His R.AF. promotions were as follows :­
Wing Commander 1 July 1935
Group Captain 1 January 1939