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Lt Eugene Gerrard RMLI

As we pass the 100 year anniversary of Lieutenant Eugene Gerrard RMLI qualifying for his pilot's certificate on 2nd May 1911, there are many Royal Marines who have followed him to the skies.

Through the century Royal Marines have flown in every conflict from World War I to the Second Gulf War. Wearing both Naval Flying Wings and Army Flying Wings they have flown most aircraft from fixed wing to rotary wing , piston-engine to modern jet fighters. Today Royal Marines fly virtually every aircraft operated by the Royal Navy, both fixed wing and rotary wing, and continue to serve in all corners of the globe.

This web site is designed to provide a historical reference of those Royal Marines and the part they have played in the history of aviation. The site is growing all the time, so check the 'What's New' Section to see the newest addidions. If you are a Royal Marine Aviator, serving or retired, please check the 'Contact' page. Your help is needed to ensure that the site continues to grow and becomes a record of what the Royal Marines have achieved in aviation since Lt Gerrard took to the skies over a century ago.

Flying Marines Front Cover

Colonel Michael Reece has now completed his exhaustive history of 'Flying Royal Marines' documenting RM aviatiors from the 1960s to the present day. It carries on from A E Marsh's original book, adding many names that were not in that publication. It is published by the RM Historical Society and is available from the RM Museum Shop.

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