Capt Duncan Macmillan RM (Senior Pilot 3 BAS) and Lt Derek Blevins RM were tasked in 1977 with carrying out a Gazelle Winter Trial at Bardufoss, Norway during a 45 Cdo RM deployment.




Derek Writes: " The Army limited us to no flying if the temperature was below -15 degrees C, which in Bardufoss in January was virtually every day! Frustrating! We decided to do some self-taught skiing to pass the time, and borrowed some pussers 'planks' from 45 Cdo. We set off into the hills, and found it really hard going. It was only later when an ML chanced by that we found out we had just completed the Norwegian Army's 1500 metre test course....... backwards. We had 'herring-boned' up slopes we should have been skiing down, and visa versa! Doh!"